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Africa News of Thursday, 10 June 2021


Central African Rep. charges Frenchman with espionage, Paris fights back

Accused Frenchman Juan Remy Quignolot Accused Frenchman Juan Remy Quignolot

France is fighting back over reports from the Central African Republic that its national has been engaged in terrorist activities.

Prosecutors in the country have formallyu accused Juan Remy Quignolot espionage, conspiracy and harming state security.

He was arrested on May 10, 2021 in the Bangui.

Viral photos of the accused on social media showed him with his hands tied behind him outside a police station.

Displayed in front of his is an assortment of weapons and ammunition reportedly found in his home.

France has insisted that the arrest, and said the pictures had been manipulated.

Paris earlier this week suspended some category of aid and military co-operation to the Central African government over what it classified as disinformation campaigns against France.

The Central African nation is the second in recent times to lose military cooperation deal with France, the first being Mali following a second coup in nine months.