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Ethnocentric comments by Hon. Kobina Tahir Hammond against Voltarians

Comment: shame shame shame, Voltarians(some)

2020-07-01 02:42:58
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Ethnocentric comments by Hon. Kobina Tahir Hammond

Recent development had clearly exposed majority Voltarians as anti progress, and peace loving Ghanaians must for once say to them we ae sick and tired of your inward looking attitude"Listening to the complaints some Voltarians have on the military deployment, these anti progress Voltarians make it look the govt is enthnically intimidating VR, when there are soldiers in other parts of Ghana. Habba, are you the only people in Ghana? Volta has the least number of soldiers patrolling.Listenning to the chief of Aflao on this deployment,is very pathetic.
To the ISSAPR does the comment the Alfao chief is making sits well with the consolidation of our democracy? Who are u to call on the president to withdraw the military to the barracks. Its a national security assignment. How is this deployment going to mar voters register? All these comments Voltarians are making, coupled with the exposure of Asiedu Nketia coaching fishermen to object to the voters registers etc now lays bare your wicked and evil intention of obstructionism.
Its about time Volta region join forces with other Ghanaians to build the nation.You have the history of obstructing progress in GHana and now it must be told. From Kotoka you overthrew the best govt in Ghana, Rawlings came destroyed everything Nkrumah built GIHOC. Who did not know the world bank of NDC where you could get votes cast exceeding registered voters ISSAPR what does the laws of Ghana say about Ghanaian resident in Togo voting? Ghanaians of today are smarter of yesterday

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06-30 19:37
shame shame shame, Voltarians(some)
07-01 02:42