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Forget Gyan, Jordan and Waris; John Antwi and Boakye-Yiadom are the real deal

Comment: Re: You Jordan haters are idiots

2019-05-16 10:37:20
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You Jordan haters are idiots

Nonsense and more nonsense!!! Jordan is statistically beyond horrible. He scored a lame goal and a "penalty" against 3rd tier Ethiopia so what? That was to be expected because those shitty teams, are the type of teams he statistically scores against when he actually scores, which is usually every 5 or 6 games. Imagine that a so-called national level striker, who scores at that horrible pace. And this has been his story regardless of where he's played. If Appiah applied statistics to help with his player selection for AFCON, Jordan would be left of his list in half of a second. Why because it is difficult to select a player whose strike rate hovers around or below 0.2 per game.

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Re: You Jordan haters are idiots
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