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2018 World Cup qualifiers: It will take a miracle for us to qualify - Asamoah Gyan

Comment: Please Change The Team Uniform

William H. Sorkpor: USA.
2017-09-02 15:39:18
Comment to:

By the way: Whose idea is it to have so much 'black' in the team uniform? Black brings bad omen.

Black is not a color, -- it is the absence of color. It has no wavelength: does not reflect or refract or disperse anything, -- not even light. It only absorbs.

Spiritually, it absorbs the evil intentions of those who might be operating against your interests. This is consistent with its scientific properties.

Success comes only when the evil intentions of your enemies are: reflected back to them; refracted away from you; or scattered around you, -- like broken pieces of glass.

Let's make no mistake: this is not a worship of spirits. As a matter of fact, it one of the converging points of science and spirit: both of which are supernatural gifts from God to mankind.

By the same token the "Black Star" in the Ghana flag is also a bad omen for the country. Because a 'black star' is a fallen star, -- not at all a bright star.

Nkrumah did not know what he was doing when he put a 'fallen star' in the center of our flag. Perhaps he was too much under the spur of George Padmore's dream to prove the USSR wrong for dumping him.

Let's revisit what to do about the 'black star' in the Ghana flag at another time.

For now: I urge the GFA president, and all the handlers of the national team to reduce the 'black' in the uniform to a bare minimum.

I know Mr. Nyantekyi is a Muslim: this suggestion, has support in Islam. If he does not yet know it, I humbly urge him to look into it, and make the change as soon as possible.

I also know that we carry black as a sign of African pride. The truth is:

This is another relic of George Padmore's failed dream that, he sucked Nkrumah into. After all we are not the only country in Africa:

Why should we be carrying the yoke
of Africa, -- even to our detriment?

May Lord Almighty, continue to protect and bless our beloved Great Ghana: Amen!!!

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Please Change The Team Uniform
William H. Sorkpor: USA.
09-02 15:39