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2018 World Cup qualifiers: It will take a miracle for us to qualify - Asamoah Gyan

Comment: Plan B - The future!

2017-09-02 14:08:31
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Use Jordan as winger not a stryker

Give up the ghost, people! Our chances of going to the WC in 2018 died when we played the first draw at home with Uganda! What was our excuse? 'We were playing at Tamale and our player did not like playing there?'. As if Tamale was a suburb of Kampala. Now, we played in Kumasi (a town in Congo?) and struggled to a draw? All the other countries are eating our lunch, people!

If our coach is a THINKER, he would go to a plan B and start thinking about 2022 instead. CAN (GET RID OF) ALL the current players of the BS and identify players who are currently NOT MORE THAN 20 years old and start grooming them to play the rest of the 2018 qualifiers. This will mean that the coach will have to do some WORK, fast! If our coach is not capable of doing this effectively, he should be gone too!

By this plan, we might even lose the rest of our qualifiers. We are already not going to qualify anyway! However, this will put us on a better footing for the future!! If we do this effectively, come time for the next qualifierS, we will have a young team with a lot of experience and ready to take on the world!!!

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Plan B - The future!
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