Sports Features of Thursday, 7 February 2013

Source: Raymond Yeboah

Kwasi Appiah should resign or be sacked

Qualifying to the semi finals at Africa Nations’ Cup is not new to Ghanaians and we should deem it a failure. Again, Kwesi Appiah is not super human over his predecessors who were sacked for this same feat.

A promise is a promise. He told Ghanaians he was going for the trophy despite knowing that he was going with ten new players unfamiliar to the Nations’ Cup terrain.

The FA and the team must account for the budget they sent to the tournament. They wanted bonus increment because they convinced Ghanaians they would go beyond last year’s performance. Their performance however was nothing to write home about and they must consequently account for this embarrassment.

A good team is the one who does not lose to a minnow in a tournament, that’s why Brazil has not been kicked out by a minnow in the World Cup. ‘Brazilians of Africa’ as we call ourselves here has been demonstrated that it is only a fake appraisal. Ghana lost the match to Burkina Faso due to technical bankruptcy because Kwesi Appiah lacks substitution technique as a coach. lf a coach who knew a match of that calibre could travel as far as a period of penalty shootout, would substitute his regular penalty taker in a match approaching that stage, not only convinces me that he was not only technically bankrupt but lacks coaching techniques as well.

Putting a natural left back, Richard Kissi Boateng on the bench and opting for Harrison Afful at number two position were few minor mistakes he did as a coach. The fact that as a country we need a local coach doesn't mean that we can appoint a coach like Appiah to go and disgrace the country at a tournament that has eluded Ghana for over 31 years.

The GFA and Kwesi Appiah also deceived the heart of Ghanaians, knowing very well that the team lack qualities to win the tournament they made it as if they could win the tournament. They should have told us they were rebuilding. They must account for this for putting the heart of Ghanaians at risk.