Other Sports of Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Source: Prince Dornu-Leiku / www.sportsinghana.com

Rivonia win 2012 Accra Open Polo

Rivonia defied the odds on their debut competition to edge defending champions, Africa Polistas 6-4 in the final to win the 2012 Accra Polo Open last Saturday.

Postponed because of Ghana’s general elections, the year ending flagship tournament of the Accra Polo Club had to be rescheduled to January 12 of the new year.

But when it did come off last week beginning Wednesday when Rivonia beat Logiplus 4-3 in an exciting opening match, the Accra Open lived up to a truly exciting tournament and promptly concluded with a fierce and thrilling match-up in the final as last year’s winners were brought down to their knees by the rookie side. Africa Polistas began the defence of the trophy they won in 2011 with a victory over Logiplus on Thursday which was enough to help them qualify for the final hence handing them the luxury to forfeit the last preliminary match against Rivonia on Friday.

But Rivonia they did finally face in the final on Saturday and the team led by King Sowee Saneo proved too strong by for Polistas who were also led by Harold Awuah-Darko, efficient captain of the Accra Polo Club himself.

It was an exciting and competitive final which for long stretches of the match, was close from one chukka to another with nothing separating the two sides who sold perhaps the best Polo game seen on the Accra Polo grounds in a long time. “It wasn’t easy at all, it was a tough game which we won in the last three minutes when I scored two goals to decide it. That is why winning this tournament makes us feel so good and excited,” Sowee Saneo told www.sportsinghana.com soon after annexing the huge winners’ trophy. Amanda Blair, King Sowee Saneo of course, Dawule Baba and history making Jamil Ibrahim, the first ever female to finish on a winning team in the history of the Accra Polo Open, played for Team Rivonia.

Africa Polistas were represented in the final by David Awuah-Darko, Darko Agyemang, Bilal Malawi and Harold Awuah-Darko of course.

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) award went to Dawule Baba of Rivonia with Play Bony ridden by King Saneo also taking home the Best Pony award. But obviously not satisfied with the historic win are Rivonia whose captain is already looking forward to defending the title at the end of the year.

“For us, we are winners so we’ll win again next year. We are going to work hard to improve all round and comeback much stronger,” King Sowee said.