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Otto Addo living the dream with Ghana

Comment: Re: Otto Addo living the dream with Ghana

Asantefuoba Asanteni Mapa
2006-06-20 09:08:17
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Otto Addo living the dream with Ghana

Nkwaseasem a, kwa!

-jerry john rawlings had a Togolese passport,yet the sycophants who are making this ugly noice allowed him to rule Ghana, destroyed it, and killed Ghanaian citizens without trial.

-George Padmore was a caribbean, however, he was allowed to become an advisor to kwame nkruma.

-Prof. Kwame is a Togolese,despite this known fact, he was appointed by the Bodamfuo Gyimifuo Owudini rawlings to become the Vice chancellor of U.S.T

-The IMF/World Bank is a foreign financial institution,however, it is beign allowed to dictate and is ruling Ghana directly, despite its elected government in place.

Otto Addo, Hans Adu Sarpei, and Tonny Baffoe are all Germans , yet they are serving and playing for Ghana.

Eric Addo have a Belgium nationality, but he is playing for Ghana.

What is wrong to see Ghanaian , or somebody with a Ghanaian ancestory waving a foreign flag , or his/her adopted country`s flag?

Ghana is not a communist country and ,therefore, its citizens are also free to make their own choices and preferences.

How about the natural born Germans who are supporting Ghana in this on-going FIFA world Cup Soccer tournament and waving Ghana`s Flag,wearing Kente and other Ghanaian accessories ; Will the German authorities and the European Union cease them from doing that?

No wonder that these ignorants, hypocrates ,communist and Islamic foundamentalist are the ones making the loudest noice.

Indeed, and it is a fact that this kind of fanatic elements are the causes of Ghana becoming a failed State!

Paintsil is free to make his own decision and preferences ,and therefore, I do not see anything wrong pertaining to that whatsoever!

You guys think everybody supports Osama bin Laden , or the terror boss Al Sarkawi!

How about the Islamic terror in Darfur and Lebanon against Christians?

How about the christian religious crack down by the Islamic foundamentalist in Afghanistan and Northern Nigeria?

Nkwaseasem kwa!

I live in a free world, and I am free to hold , wear and wave the flag of any country of my choice.

Arabs and people from Arab origin don`t like Black people just like any other Western Country, so what`s the fuss here, if Egypt refuses to support Ghana.

Are they obliged ,or on contract to support Ghana.

Leave this kind of jungle politics out of sports, because this belongs to the stone age religious foundamentalism!

Hey,las die Kirche im Dorf.


It looks as if there are very few reasonable people in the country despite having wasted so much time and money on their western type of education.

Nkwaseasem a, Kwa!

Let them burn the red sea, who cares!

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06-19 03:23
Re: Otto Addo living the dream with Ghana
Asantefuoba Asanteni Mapa
06-20 09:08