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Sports News of Tuesday, 28 September 2021


Video: Ghanaian referee entertains players and spectators with dance moves

Referee Somo displaying his dance moves play videoReferee Somo displaying his dance moves

A Ghanaian referee deserves a FIFA award after stunning onlooking players and specators with amazing dance move just before he officiated a local match.

The packed fans, waiting to watch the game, were visibly shocked when referee, only identified as Referee Somo, broke into dance moves that led to loud cheers.

Referee Somo did not only suprise the fans but he also shocked the players who were waiting for the official to start the match.

They paused to watch the antics of the referee who twerked with the DJ on the PA system cheering him on while the fans wildly applauded.

In the video Referee Somo is caught rotating his waist effortlessly to some Ga songs as the onlooking footballers who were just about to play the game watched and applauded.

The fans also watched with dropped jaws as they could not fathom how the often serious looking match officials could dance so well.

His dance moves clearly shows that he has other talents apart from football which he can also explore.

Referee Somo is said to be an major attraction for locals in matches and his presence draws crowds for which he should be rewarded.