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Sports Features of Monday, 23 November 2015

Source: Yeboah, Raymond

Some of the Division one clubs, have decided to curse the Appeals committee

... if they rule infavor of Techiman City

What is the appeals committee waiting for, after the ethics committee pronouncement confirmed that, Dcop Kofi Boakye, was eligible to sit on Techiman City and WA African United bribery case.

What makes the elsewhere European football attractive to watch is their justice system,where favoritism and biases have no room to operate.What kind of extraordinary investigation is taken place at the appeals committee outfit that has taken long to come out with the verdict.There is no institution better than police department when it comes to investigation,the appeals committee if they want to be trusted by the Ghanaian populace must not overturned Dcop Kofi Boakye's verdict that demoted Techiman City to Division too.

Bribery allegation in every country is a serious crime, so the perpetrators shouldn't have been left free or lose in the first place.
Like Calciopoli scandal that hit Italy,those involved were punished by the law.l don't understand this,does our football disciplinary committee operate on different rule from theirs.Looking at how the verdict has been delayed,l was not surprise, Techiman City, stay of execution request was granted by the Appeals Committee.
What kind of evidence the body needs before they can release the verdict,if the tape recording evidence produced by WA African United president was not enough.l, salute Dcop Kofi Boakye, for how he came out with the first verdict and if indeed the verdict is going to be overturned by the appeals committee, l wont wait to condemn their integrity.
Qualification to the elite division must be attained on merit not on allegation of bribery.Apart from the first verdict that demotes City, any other verdict that would suit them is likely going to bring litigation and a halt to the commencement of the premier league as well.Some of the Division one clubs which have interest in the case, have threatened to sue or put injunction on the league or combines five deities together to curse those who will come out with that false verdict.
Our Football needs quick and fair justice to make the game attractive to the fans.Verdict that promotes Techiman city rather than demotion will be called in hindi as quayamat-meaning doom.

Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah