Sports Features of Monday, 27 February 2012

Source: Raymond Yeboah /

GFA must face EOCO

The Ghana Black Stars team is there for any Ghanaian, it is not an individual asset where one can take a decision of his own without the mindset of the Ghanaian populace. The team was financially enhanced at the Nations’ Cup by this country’s tax payers’ money.

For the GFA to tell Ghanaians that the coach cannot be sacked because of confidential clause in his contract is unacceptable and they should come again. The day former coach of England Fabio Capello was appointed as a coach of the English national team, we all read every detail of his contract with the English FA on their website.

GFA should have done same by publishing Goran Stevanovic’s contract for the whole nation to see, unless may be the Kwesi Nyantakyi led FA want to tell this honourable country that the so called confidential contract is about having a share in the coach’s salary he earns otherwise l don't see why such a coach should continue working in this country.

About 80 percent of Ghanaians are calling for his sack so it is an insult to tell us that there is a confidential clause that resists his sack which we are not privy to as Ghanaians. So the FA wants to tell us that the decision of hiring and firing a coach is their own doing and if this is so then what’s so important about Nyantakyi assuring Ghanaians that they are going to consult the stakeholders in our game before they come out with decision in a forth night time if what Sannie Daara, Communications Director of the FA, said that the coach cannot be sacked because of that confidential clause is true?

l implore the sports ministry to hand over the FA to EOCO immediately for them to come out what the confidential clause is, what specifically is contained in that clause and also they should account for the budget of 6 million US Dollars given to them to win the tournament because l cannot be convinced the whole amount would be finished at only semi final stage.

The coach if not sacked would in future cause mess in the team because some of the players are soon going to play against his sack due to the pronouncement that some of them used juju or black power in the camp. That statement has brought worldwide shame to Ghana football, meaning all the performance of the players on the continent were based on black power.

Every team in Africa use superstition in their camp but none of their coaches comes out and blame the team with that. No white man would fail to deliver on his promise, if it fail they resign. Plavi told the whole nation he was going to win the trophy if not he should be sacked but he is today refuting that statement. He is not a principled coach.

l challenge the FA to come out and explain to us that confidential clause because this coach is not a coach Ghana needed badly that there should be a condition or clause before he accepts the job. He is not Mourinho. l personally believe the somebody is enjoying a kickback in his contract hence protection for his stay. Come again GFA.

*Credit: Raymond Yeboah /*