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Sports News of Wednesday, 23 February 2022


'I had a really good time in Sassuolo, I'll thank them forever' - Alfred Duncan

Alfred Duncan Alfred Duncan

Ghanaian midfielder Alfred Duncan now plays for Fiorentina but had most of his good time in the Italian Serie A with Sassuolo after failing to make the grade at Inter Milan.

Fiorentina faced Sassuolo last weekend where La Viola earned a 1-0 win with the Ghanaian midfielder coming on in the second half but the midfielder had some kind words for his former side when he was interviewed by his colleagues at the transfer market and spoke about the match against the neroverdi:

"No, I can't really say that it will be a match like any other. I've been there for many years. in Sassuolo and I really enjoyed it, we achieved important results, they always made me feel at home, in the family. I will always thank them for what they have done for me. "

Against Turin, in the last championship, you made the top low, in Sassuolo you also played behind the striker: what is your future evolution?

"Honestly, I can't know, I have my characteristics and I always try to make them available to the team, then it's the Coach who, from time to time, decides where to use me and where he thinks I can give my best." 

Unfortunately you were the subject of offenses, but not because you left one team for another. Today racism is strongly condemned on a social level and in some cases severely punished on a criminal level, but it seems to me that there is still a lot to do. What do you think about it? 

"I think it's really a lot of ignorance. People who offend us for the color of our skin or who howl don't even know why they do it, the only goal is to make us nervous, provoke us. We should work hard on the culture, on the history and respect, ever since children are small, both at home and at school. We must teach children to think for themselves and not impose their thoughts on them ". 

Let's go back to the camp, if that's okay with you. You recently stated that the experience at Cagliari, which initially puzzled you, was positive. What did you bring with you from the Island?

"All the experiences teach us something, I fell into a difficult reality because we were in full struggle not to retreat but we came out of it and it was a great satisfaction. We fought in every game with a knife between our teeth and this also helps to grow". 

But can Joao Pedro really be the solution to the Italian national team's problems of offensive sterility? 

"I separate the two things. I think that Italy has no problems of offensive sterility, they are conjunctures of the moment, Italy has great strikers like Immobile, Belotti and there are others on the launch pad like Scamacca, Raspadori, for not to mention the many attacking midfielders, so I think the Azzurri really have many solutions.

"Then Joao Pedro is an excellent player, very talented and reliable and can give his contribution, but this regardless of Italy's alleged attacking problems who, I repeat, in my opinion, it hasn't. "