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Sports Features of Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Source: Ghana Soccernet

Football off-season diet and training plan as Ghanaian clubs start pre-season

Soccer is considered to be one of the toughest sports. To be among the best, you must showcase mental and physical toughness. Also, you must dedicate plenty of time, sacrifice other interests, and work hard to achieve skill worthy of a great footballer.

With every season, you have to put in even more effort to get better and with Ghanaian clubs starting their pre-season it is the right time for them to get their dieting plans right to achieve success.

Perhaps, you didn’t demonstrate enough power, and you had to struggle to give a good performance during the season that has just ended.

The off-season provides you with the opportunity to fine-tune your diet, and train for more strength and bigger muscles.

As a footballer, you have to draft a plan with regards to a muscle-building diet, supplements to use, and training for a lean body. One of the best ways to achieve this is by use of Valkyrie Dianabol / Dbol 10.

It helps with muscle growth, strength and endurance, and reaches a stronger bone mineral density. This article elaborates on the off-season diet and training plan.

Plan on the best diet

What and when to eat to get the most out of your day is very important. Seek a nutritionist’s help with a well-planned diet for muscle and strength development before the season resumes. Proteins, for instance, are very crucial as they facilitate muscle growth. Common protein sources are:

Baked beans – a breakfast protein which can be taken alongside pastries, wholemeal bread, and fruits.

Chicken breast – a mid-morning snack, which can be very sustaining if taken alongside potatoes, fresh juice and salad.

Fish and sea products – can be selected for lunch or supper. They add protein and vitamins an all-around healthy meal.

Protein shakes – can be taken throughout the day, but it is mainly recommended in the morning to enable the body to absorb it at optimal levels. They are rich sources of ready-to-absorb proteins for footballers
Beef – a favorite protein source. A beef portion has more protein than any other protein source. However, it needs to be accompanied by other foods for a balanced diet.
Use supplements

Oral supplements are recommended because of their effectiveness. Supplements contain a protein formula that is absorbed directly into the body cells for a growth boost. During workouts, there is a high possibility of suffering inflammation. It is essential for a football player to stay fresh after workouts. Any physical damage to the body makes it produce anti-inflammatory chemicals. Supplements help the body reduce inflammation. Consult an expert to recommend you the best. Furthermore, purchase them from a dealer who is reputable as you are assured of obtaining genuine products.

Having workouts

Last but not least, supplements and a proper diet need to be complemented with individualized exercises. Have a planned workout schedule, and follow it strictly. Hit the gym twice a day for better results. The workout activities may include:

Using gym equipment – involves activities like weightlifting, power workouts, and all-body workouts

Pitch drills – these include the performance of activities like toe-touching, squatting, and step-ups.

Speed endurance – it involves the use of terrains, as instructed by your coach.

Prepare an intensive off-season training program, use supplements, and adjust your diet to boost your energy and get ready for a new season.