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BBC Pidgin of Friday, 26 March 2021


Da'Naia, wife of YouTuber & counsellor Derrick Jackson don reply cheating confession of her husband

Less than 36 hours afta Relationship expert Derrick Jaxn drop di bombshell wey scata social media say im cheat on im wife, im wife Da' Naia Jackson don commot to tok how she feel.

Wife of di relationship guru bin respond to di concerns pipo raise about her afta her husband public confession say he cheat on her wit oda women for many years.

Da'Naia Jackson for inside video wey she post for her Instagram page say, because something don die no mean say e no fit resurrect again by di resurrection power of Jesus. She add join say na only Jesus fit save Derrick and e don already save am.

"Derrick dey lie for di bed e make, wit di action e take and na only Jesus fit save am and nothing I fit do to save am." She tok.

She explain say di thing wey happun for dia marriage na message from God for her to be witness to pipo say e dey possible to overcome pain and no allow bitterness for your heart no mata di situation.

Da'Naia tok dis one afta many pipo advise her to comot for di marriage and dey worry about her mental health.

She also add join say wetin dey happun for her marriage na spiritual warfare wey go take understanding and power of God to take fight am.

Earlier, relationship guru Derrick Jaxn enta Instagram do video post wey im title "Did I cheat im my marriage?" afta one woman claim for one interview say she and Jaxn bin get affair.

For di seven and half minutes video wey im do wit im wife, Jaxn confess say true-true im don do kerewa inside im marriage wit oda women wey in wife no sabi anytin about.

According to Jaxn, im public confession no be sake of im dey married to im fans but becos im dey accountable to God and to im wife.

E add say, "I know say I no go fit build platform wey dey preach against some kain tins dem for my real life, dey live di opposite."

More dan one million pipo don watch di confession video wit different reactions and comments.

Many pipo don react to her video as dem tok say she still need to heal properly.

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