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Anas to drop coronavirus exposé dubbed 'corona quacks and thieves in Ghana'

Comment: Anas u are corrupt

Mawuli, Ho
2020-06-27 06:43:08
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Anas to drop coronavirus exposé dubbed 'corona qu

Why Anas keep covering his face with that mask. We have seen his face and even his passport already when he went to deceive people for his own gain. He is no longer relevant. We all supported him until we realized that he is a crook himself. Killing cases with state prosecutor to free criminals, selling videos to the highest bidder and abusing his popularity to amass wealth. Where is the part two of the harbour investigation? Where is the Korlebu abortion doctor's video, where is the parliament investigation? Anas, you are no longer relevant. He who seeks justice must come with clean hands but Ana's hands are too dirty to be doing criminal investigations because he is a full time criminal

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06-26 08:02
Anas u are corrupt
Mawuli, Ho
06-27 06:43