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Anas to drop coronavirus exposé dubbed 'corona quacks and thieves in Ghana'

Comment: Continuing NDC's chaos agenda

The truth
2020-06-26 13:48:05
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EC will give a clean fight

Fear and panic galore, definitely the mantra of ndc. Why this announcement just after the supreme Court dealt a heavy blow to NDC's fear and panic, and chaos propaganda? Now we get to know who is now in bed with who. You Anas have been rendered irrelevant. Thanks to Kennedy Agyapong Ghanaians are singing Nana Acheampong's song to you Anas, "Wo hu wo hu hu hu hun yE me hun ooo, Wo hu wo hu hun yEn me hun koraa"

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06-26 08:02
Continuing NDC's chaos agenda
The truth
06-26 13:48