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My daughter is a drug addict, prostitute – Ken Agyapong cries out on live radio

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2020-06-15 03:43:31
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Re: My daughter is a drug addict, prostitute – Ken

Sorry Ken I never like you but for this one sorry. I don't know what do children whose parent can afford to educate and take care of them want. I and a few guys from village had toil by sending ourselves to school when our parent dislike school. We have to labor in people farms for small amount to help us go to school. After secondary school we all pass but could not afford university so we diverted to certificate courses with allowance, got jobs, work for some years before going to the university. When I see people fooling like this it pain me for the parents and sometimes feel angry why we didn't have able and supportive parents. I remember I couldn't buy any textbook at SSS and have to borrow a mate GAST books after preps to study the GASTS books at night as scientist student. Today the three of us village boys completed Legon, Knust and UCC and with masters degrees in various fields. The guy I used to borrow his textbook couldn't pass the three sciences and is angry why I did not teach him but how could I, I was only a borrower. I'm now afraid because I can afford my child luxury and better education but will they have the street sense, strength and courage of a poor village boy I was. I know a lot of mates who had everything yet couldn't move an inch. I pity you Ken. Sorry God help recover and learn the way of an ant.

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Listen to wisdom
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