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EC sued again over compilation of new voters register

Comment: This is not a Slogan

2020-06-12 18:05:51
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EC will give a clean fight

Akufo Addo's EC PLANNED VOTING IRREGULARITIES.... (1) Disenfranchise Voters in NDC Strongholds... (2) Switch NDC Votes by a factor of 3 to 1 using EC's embedded SOFTWARE... Ghana's 2020 Election will be peaceful... but not free... or fear... Akufo Addo's Election hacking is here... Back to the message.. Akufo Addo is selling Snow to Eskimos. Salt to Slugs and Sugar confetti to Ghanaians..™

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06-12 17:45
This is not a Slogan
06-12 18:05
Kwame Attafuah Timber Market Akim Oda
06-12 20:25