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Teachers who want to stay home should be ready to forgo 50% salary – Professor Adei

Comment: This is sawdust infested brain thinking!

Che Andrew
2020-05-22 10:00:05
Comment to:
Prof is right. No work no pay

If you have sawdust in your head and you keep quiet no one will know that you are walking idiot. When you participate in a public discourse, you become a nicked person dancing in the market square. Teachers have not decided by themselves to stay at home. Teachers have only stated their position about re-opening schools now. The government has the final authority to re-open or not to re-open schools. If the schools are re-opened teachers will decide whether or not to go to school. We have not reach there yet and a whole "Professor" is talking about pay cut for staying at home? Surely this man has sawdust in his head.

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05-22 07:03
This is sawdust infested brain thinking!
Che Andrew
05-22 10:00