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Don’t admit foreign tenants without coronavirus test clearance – Minister tells landlords

Comment: Dare come remove me!

zongo boy
2020-04-28 22:31:01
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Leave Ghana now

When Ghanaians are talking you too? Take note - Hausas are not and don't want to be DAGARTI-SISSALA. Tweaaaaa. Hausas were Ghanaians way before the protectorate of the Northern Territories officially became part of Ghana.
And get this into your thick skull: citizen is not the same thing as native or indigene.
You envy and hate Hausas because you can't match them. Everybody knows what Hausas have contributed to Ghana's language, culture, industry and commerce... and it's not dog meat, roadkill or pito.
You can only cowardly make noise on internet. Why don't you dare and confront any Ghanaian Hausa/Fulani and tell it to their face that they are foreigners? How about you try to have them deported? Skin pain, you are really suffering.

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04-28 16:09
Dare come remove me!
zongo boy
04-28 22:31