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I've never dated Kwaku Oteng’s wife ever in my life - Trigmatic

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2020-04-22 17:54:22
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I ‘ve never dated Kwaku Oteng’s wife ever in m

You people are involving your self with a lady you dont takes we the wise to know,what is,wrong with this girl.but you people are given her platform to mingle with decent peoples,talk on radio and tv as well as to be bribe by churches and ndc to fool.listen with money on this girl she cant live and she will disgrace the able working people she knows to cause danger. Now the person to stand is that Dr and his 4th wife .so far as afia swar mentioned one name does not mean he is referring to any one.that pastor and you trigmatic are being silly.afia did not mention your full name to accuse you so you people must relax and reject this afia from party etc forever

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