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Give us free abortion after lockdown - Wives beg Akufo-Addo

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2020-04-17 17:44:16
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Re: Good for HIV

The women whose husbands are having sex with them several times a day should speak for themselves and not for married women in general. The woman is just embellishing her story. Any married man, unless he hasn't been married to his wife for a long time, knows that a married man will not have sex with his wife several times a day. Normally after living with a wife for a long time, even though one continues to have sex with her, she becomes like a sister. She is still desirable, but she is not treated like a concubine or a girlfriend who visits for a brief period, mainly for sex. Unlike the concubine or girlfriend the wife is going nowhere. She shares the matrimonial bed every night. So it doesn't make sense to subject her to many rounds of sex daily, simply because of the lockdown, unless the man is a sex maniac. Let this woman speak for herself, because there are thousands of women who are happy to have their men at home at this time.

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Re: Good for HIV
04-17 17:44