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Dr Nsiah-Asare explains why presidential jet was released to procure drug to save Plange-Rhule


2020-04-12 17:31:19
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I was so insensed that i could not finish reading the story. Is this what the blackman is ready to do to his or her fellow citizen? To move a whole presidential jet to procure a drug for a so called big shot because of his status and political connections. Avraham is right that when God finished creating all humans beings that he remembered to create the blackman so he used the lefover of the sand to create the blackman. Wow. Are these not the very people who are advising the president(s) and thereby responsible for the state of our health system? TRUTH be said, it is wrong for all attention to be given to only him. What about Auntie Adwoa, the one who sells plaintain and groundnuts by the raod side. Oh mekujias life is not worth it because she sells boiled rice by the road side isn't it? God punish all these big shots and their family for what they have done to the country. Indeed their unflinching supporters should have no peace, Corona Virus should visit them also like it has started visiting their champions one by one. Wow Corona virus is God sent. What are we doing to ourselves for people to say boldly that it is right for all attention to be given to this man only.
I am not normally like this but when things like this happen and people are ready to support and even insult others for this plain wrong, i ask does the blackman has any iota of conscience? What!!!!!.
Truly Corona is God sent.
If even there was average medical care for the ordinary person, i wouldn't be harsh. These are the very people who are signing off procurement of medical equipment, most of tem old but passed off as new and the overblown money creamed off. They are the consultants who are advicing on "building" hospitals. They are those issuing contracts for the procurement of medication. The least medical care is what i am talking about. I saw a whatsup video where women in Komfo Anokye had their babies on the floor and were nursing these babies on the floor. People with drip hanging over them on the floor and people say what? God visit corona on these big men ones they are involved in this corrupt practices and let them go through the same that Mekujia has been sentenced to. Whoever can insult me but i will never take what i have posted back. I have started liking how corona deals with everyone equally.

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