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Dr Nsiah-Asare explains why presidential jet was released to procure drug to save Plange-Rhule

Comment: Dumb ass promise

Joe Canada
2020-04-12 13:46:10
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Re: You are nobody

Do you think you are smarter than those who made the decision to use the jet to get the medication?. The Doctors are nobody without you?, who are you?, I hope you are not counting yourself among humans in Ghana or even chimpanzee because per your statement your IQ is lower than a chimpanzee. You must have taken too much tramol before coming here to spew nonsense. Do you know how many lives that Doctor has saved ?, the Doctors doesn’t need you , you rather needs them. Dress up and go to Korlebu and help save lives, Moron. Adding Canada doesn’t make me special but I only use it to separate Joe from other Joe’s on this platform, or you are jealous?, you even wish you live in Afghanistan. I didn’t say I am nobody, but that IDIOT and like you, are nobody for government to waste money on when you are sick.

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Dumb ass promise
Joe Canada
04-12 13:46
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