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Dr Nsiah-Asare explains why presidential jet was released to procure drug to save Plange-Rhule

Comment: Undeserved praises

2020-04-12 07:27:01
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Dr Nsiah-Asare explains why presidential jet was r

It's disgusting to see how this Government tries to take any situation in the country to it's advantage. Even in death to this fine Prof they want to make capital out of it.
This man was sick and for all this while when on admission you didn't find it fit to go get the prescription for him.
Within 24 hrs when you saw it fit to go to Rwanda to get the drug after the President released the jet the Prof gave up the ghost. You can go and tell that to the marine. For how long was he sick Mr advisor... If it is your aim to project the President as kind hearted then you failed because we all know the President is heartless.

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Undeserved praises
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