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Ghana records first coronavirus death case

Comment: @ George Oswell, YOU’RE GOOD, BODY!

Stephen Donkor, New York.
2020-03-21 21:37:07
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Re: Jesus name vs hand sanitizer

You’ve made the best submission so far. Yep, if this Gabby guy is predestined to be conform to the image of the son, as written in the book of Romans chapter 8 verses 28-30. The Holy Spirit would whisk his spirit to take just one glance at the heaven( paradise) or the hell( hades), and just one visit like you said will change his perception about God Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ for ever!

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03-21 20:21
@ George Oswell, YOU’RE GOOD, BODY!
Stephen Donkor, New York.
03-21 21:37