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Ghana records first coronavirus death case

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2020-03-21 20:40:38
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Ghana records first coronavirus death case

You came on TV and told us you released 100 million USD. Till today health department has not receive any money, no equipment has been supplied to fight the corona virus. Only two testing centers in a big nation of millions of people. Are you serious at all? You shut water so citizens will die fast of the virus. You are looking for money to borrow after you said you released 100 million dollars. Are you not a liar ? What kind of game is npp government playing with Ghanaians lives? You have money to share from region to region to buy vote, you don't have money to buy equipment and necessities to fight for the lives of your citizens? No more than two testing centers. You want to get shocked? You think this virus is a joke? Not even the rich will be spared. Thank God you can't run to UK or USA for treatment on this one. Treat yourself in your country, wake up and buy everything necessary. Fight the virus now. The earlier the better. Upgrade medical facilities. Upgrade health workers and protect them to fight the virus. Open more testing centers in regions

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