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What you need to know about Ghana's legalisation of cannabis

Comment: Excuses excuses excuses!

2020-03-21 20:27:29
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What you need to know about Ghana's legalisation o

This will make policing the use of the illegal version very complicated. So say you get arrested by the police for possession. They'll have to go through rigorous testing to determine the percentage of THC before prosecution. This is complicating it further. I hope it works though. Having said that what happened to Kumasi jute factory and the use of jute to produce bags for cocoa, we already had the plantation and the factory. So why spend so much on imported bags from India since Nkrumah's overthrow and decide to go for industrial cannabis this time. Jute is much easier to grow and is not complicated as I have stated above. If they're legalising it go the whole hog and stop this hypocritical bull cock. What about using it for health purposes which warrants the use of higher than 0.3 % THC?

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03-21 16:15
Excuses excuses excuses!
03-21 20:27