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Over 150 Ghanaians have had contact with Coronavirus patients – Ghana Health Service


2020-03-16 01:05:54
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Over 150 Ghanaians had contact with Coronavirus pa

Our lackadaisical attitude as a country had brought this on us. We refused to evacuate our students from China but allowed foreign travels to and fro. We refused to quarantine visitors including people at helm of affairs and politicize everything that comes from the opposing side. Our leaders refused to listen to advise and always play to the gallery. it is disheartening to hear the information minister announced that they are only banning citizens from countries that recoded more than 200 cases. What about countries with more 150 cases. And how many cases had Norway, that our prez visited, had before a Norwegian brought it to Ghana. We worship the whiteman like God to the extent that everything that comes from them is okay. I pray for change of attitude and protection for all of us. Gm

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