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'Fearless' Elizabeth Ohene redefined courage – Kwaku Sakyi-Addo

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N DC your days of folly are over
2020-01-26 22:21:26
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'Fearless' Elizabeth Ohene redefined courage – K

Evil bastards NDC pulpits why are fools so stupid and useless? During let Let my vote count what happened in Ghana, fools because NNP entertain nonsense and treat you Idiots with soft gloves you have the balls to spew bullshit. During your so-called shitty useless Rawshit revolution can you evil vampires give Ghanaians the true accounts of actrocitiies you useless psychopath committed against innocent Ghanaians .Elizabeth Ohene like Nana Kwame Ampadu had to join you evils fools in order to protect innocent Ghanaians lives.You nation wreckers always blame Nana Addo for being lenient with you condemned poor souls claiming he killed Ahmed suale for information he chosed to die that way because he knew the consequence. Now that the nation is peaceful you fools would like to create confusion but you must rest hundred percent sure no one will allow you mad dogs to misbehave as we are sick and tired of you evil idiots

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01-26 05:48
Re: 'Fearless' Elizabeth Ohene redefined courage –
N DC your days of folly are over
01-26 22:21