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'Fearless' Elizabeth Ohene redefined courage – Kwaku Sakyi-Addo

Comment: Wicked evil people

Agyemang Boye
2020-01-26 06:31:15
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'Fearless' Elizabeth Ohene redefined courage – K

So where are the so called brave people today? Why are they silent or is the blood letting of Ahmed Suale not worth condemnation? What of JB Danquah? etc Why are the so called brave not talking and condemning the corruption under this npp? Why are the so called brave not talking about the nepotism, family and friends being displayed by akuffo addo? Have you seen the callous killing of major Mahama? Where are the Takoradi girls? Why are the brave not interested in talking or telling the truth today?

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01-26 05:48
Wicked evil people
Agyemang Boye
01-26 06:31