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Everything in Ghana has gone up, except Akufo-Addo’s height – ABA Fuseini


Stephen Donkor, New York.
2019-12-14 15:48:14
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Everything in Ghana has gone up, except Akufo-Addo

If I decide to comment on this statement I would hurt every Northerner, including our Vice President, Dr Alhaji Bawumia; a man full of wisdom and integrity. But I if I were AB Fuseini, I would myself this simple question: That every available study has shown that the Northern regions lead in poverty, and every negatives in terms of social aspects in Ghana. As a result, whenever there’s study in poverty or human development index, Ghanaians in the South brings Ghana ratings almost at par with most of the fastest development economies, like India, Malasia, South Korea, India, Mexico, Brazil among many others. But as soon the 3 Northern regions and the Volta Regions are factored in, Ghana sinks to the rating among the poor nations. Has ABA Fuseini as an MP sat still and analyzed the trend? Though his P/NDC has been in Power for almost 29 years out of Ghana’s 62 years of independence. So in the nutshell, the P/ NDC has ruled Ghana for almost half of Ghana age as a country. Can ABA Fuseini tell me what he as Northerner done for his people or has what has people benefited from NDC’s grip on power for all these years. I MAY COME BACK AGAIN OR DECIDE TO CALM NERVES DOWN, DUE TO THE RESPECT I HOLD FOR SOME PEOPLE!

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Stephen Donkor, New York.
12-14 15:48