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Mahama doesn’t deserve another chance – Danquah Institute

Comment: Mahama deserves

2019-12-07 12:39:16
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Mahama doesn’t deserve another chance – Danqua

Quite frankly the Danquah institute will do the bidding for Akuffo Addo.i don’t like to meddle in politics rather a patriotic Ghanaian who wants the country to progress.truly now we have the benefit of experience and hindsight and can compare better.between Akuffo addo and Mahama I think as at now the difference is clear,not only for party people but for the citizens of Ghana at large.all those praising this current Government are apparently people who are benefitting from the cronyism and nepotism of this government.let the Npp bring forth a topic for comparison and they’ll fail between Akuffo a foo and Mahama.the people are the voice!!

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Mahama deserves
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