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PDS scandal: Alleged conversation between Gabby Otchere-Darko, Philip Ayensu and Edward Akufo-Addo

Comment: I don't get it

Nana kwame
2019-11-29 10:46:06
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PDS scandal: Alleged conversation between Gabby Ot

So how come sammy Gyamfi did not have this audio evidence and Kevin Taylor has so that means ur own NDC people don't believe u and how come none of ur expose is topical issue on any major radio station Kevin Taylor should advice himself u at d job sammy Gyamfi did on appointments one would say it was laced with propaganda but Npp could not come out to refute it totally if kevin taylor truly wants to fight corruption n we behind him but he should do it d right way from all indication no one can tell me its not Gabby's voice but no mention of PDS here reduction or 40 of what

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11-29 05:41
I don't get it
Nana kwame
11-29 10:46