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PDS scandal: Alleged conversation between Gabby Otchere-Darko, Philip Ayensu and Edward Akufo-Addo

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2019-11-29 09:53:43
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Re: PDS scandal: Alleged conversation between Gabb

Peps I'm inclined to agree with your line of reasoning cos my experience tells me that Ghanaians generally are very shallow minded. We accept things based on emotions rather than facts and it has been our bane. Nana is doing the right thing by reinforcing the educational foundations of our human resource. It's the only way out and he as the astute leader he is clearly understands it. Ghanaians just want to eat kenkey and fish or fufu, criticise, complain about everything and talk nonsense. But these same critics will hail him in 50 years when his vision and intelligence plays out spectacularly. In my line of work with the justice system in a developed country, the average street sweeper knows this audio is just noise and of no value. But here in Ghana even the so called educated minds will jump over it as though the it was the catch from the hunt. It's a shame. We need to be less politically minded and factually inclined else we'll be heading south very speedily.

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Re: PDS scandal: Alleged conversation between Gabb
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