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Detaining my '70-year-old wife wrong, show maturity' – Papavi to govt

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2019-11-23 20:04:30
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enough is enough ooo

You are the ones who will die, for the war that you have started will be fought largely on the territory of the current Volta Region. Your puny tribe will be fighting against all, for you have declared war against the people of Oti Region as well as ethnic groups in the North, by claiming their lands. Check YouTube for the reaction of the people of Oti Region to your attempt to include them in your fantasy western togoland. They have sworn to fight you. The Kabye government of Togo, Ghana's immediate neighbour will not permit you to use it's territory to fight against the Republic. There will be nowhere to hide. Your "leaders" will run away with the first gunshot. Your octogenarian "president" has shown the way. Coward that he is, he has already gone into hiding. So will the rest if your "leaders".

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Re: enough is enough ooo
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