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Vote 'Yes' on December 17 referendum and divide Ghana - Sammy Gyamfi warns

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2019-11-20 12:11:52
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The distroyer?

Stop mentioning Nkrumah the man you don't know and would have sacked you from Ghana after his return from Hanoi ! do you think Nkrumah would have taken ndc create loot and share biribi gyegye mo ! You mention the man you don't know ! let me tell you he was with the UGCC which Dr Danquah and others were also members and he was the the general secretary of that party and from that party that he formed his cpp so what difference does it make? the rest if the UGCC formed the UP which has born the npp and so what? he is a member of the npp more than the ndc he doesn't even know and will be the last to join ! Osagyefo didn't deal with fools but ndc are all fools from your elders to foolsoldiers! nkwaseafuo party !

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Re: The distroyer?
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