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Referendum: 'Loudmouth' Abronye worsening things for Akufo-Addo

Comment: A big "NO" to this referendum

African Patriot
2019-11-20 04:40:49
Comment to:
NDC lacks absolute understanding.

Hahaha. Let us laugh very loud. Time for democritisation in Ghana? What were we doing the whole time?
Election of MamDCEs "YES" through partisanship "NO".
Election of MMDCEs and Assembly men on partisan lines intensify the already existing corrupt system in which Assembly elections are been influence with money and party sponsorship and posters holding various political colors.

This is a continuation and legalisation of an already existing corrupt system. Nothing is changing eccept making unnecessarily use of tax payer's money for a partisan direction that will add less value to the democratisation process of this country.

It is about time, we punish our leaders from both parties NPP and NDC by voting 'NO' in this referendum.

Both political parties are tricking the locals taking power from them.

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11-18 09:00
A big "NO" to this referendum
African Patriot
11-20 04:40