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Referendum: 'Loudmouth' Abronye worsening things for Akufo-Addo

Comment: NDC lacks absolute understanding.

Alhaji AM
2019-11-18 10:23:46
Comment to:
NDC lacks absolute understanding.

I do not know what you mean by ndc lacks absolute understanding, but I know ndc instated this democracy you are enjoying at the grass root which you think is not absolute grassroot level democracy. look since the inception of this assemblyman- ship, check the level and caliber of people who parade themselves for elections to the assembly. but if the yes ends up winning you will see people who will campaign to be voted into assembly, it will no more be the usual assembly business, it will now be the one who can pay more to win primaries to represent his party at the assembly. even party constituency elections we do see the moneys been expended for a chairman and the other positions where there is no monetary inducement to those positions. let me tell you after the yes win, we are going to rewrite the conditions governing the assemblymen with juicy packages involve. this will now be the battle field at the local levels where greedy politicians will be fine tuning everybody in the locality. assemblymen will be walking with police escourt and collecting peoples lands and properties to themselves because they are powerful in society politically. people will be silenced when you oppose them and people will start disappearing in our communities. keep this and remember when starts.

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11-18 09:00
NDC lacks absolute understanding.
Alhaji AM
11-18 10:23