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You won’t prosper closing your borders – Franklin Cudjoe to Nigeria

Comment: Do yourself a favour move ..

Africa is a shithole
2019-11-04 14:05:07
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Re: What business

I ain't african your whole race is fucked it is not gibberish it is fact . This shithole you call a country is an embarassment to humanity . All Africans are the same dishonest, hating , uneducated, still, nonethics, corrupted, anyone in africa can be bought . Just like your government . Sorry but you are only replying because you know it is true . I dont give a fuck about nigerians, ghanians, or africans period just saying you are all on the sameboat SAVAGES!

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11-04 08:15
Do yourself a favour move ..
Africa is a shithole
11-04 14:05