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NDC thugs beat regional secretary in public


Stephen Donkor, New York.
2019-10-15 14:21:10
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NDC thugs beat regional secretary in public

The NDC morons on this platform and other social media platforms were so pissed because our noble and wise President called has for the ouster of Muntaka Mubarak: the Asoase - Asokore Mampong member of Parliament, because : according to the President — and I paraphrase— “ Muntaka should be replaced as the MP of Asokore Mampong because he has outlived his relevance as an MP”. The President as studios as he is, and the real father of this nation wishes the best for Ghana. He knew exactly what he was talking about, and who are the brains behind these attacks, and for what purpose. Now I Expect Nana Asantehene to intervene in this seemingly power struggle and bloodbath between the various NDC factions in Kumasi and other places. Muntaka whose supporters were fingered in the death of another member of the NDC vigilante group in Kumasi recently, the young man said to be a supporter of Massawudu Mubarak, Muntaka’s arch rival in the NDC would have to deal with these violence in the running up to the 2020 elections. Not only that, but I expect the violence to intensify, unless some sort of olive branch is spread from Muntaka— whose heart is as hard like an adamant rock to his opponents in the NDC party; and the groups associated with the slain NDC macho man. Just as the President suggested, Muntaka wouldn’t be of any relevance in forging peaceful coexistence among the various ethnic and political groups in that community, which is already noted as one of the most violence prone sections of the Ashanti Region. Now considering this latest attack on Kwame Zu, is the President justified or not?

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Stephen Donkor, New York.
10-15 14:21