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Nigeria@59: ‘No progress, people are suffering’ – Nigerian traders in Ghana lament

Comment: Nigerians are happy people

2019-10-03 14:30:14
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Nigeria@59: ‘There’s been no progress, people

No matter how much Ghana and its media try, they will never be where Nigeria is today. Its always negative news about Nigeria when Ghana is worse off by all indices but protected by media lies. Compare both currencies to the US Dollar in the last 10years and see which is worse. Check the cost of everyday consumables and see which is more. Average the earning power of people in its cities and see where people are suffering. Compare infrastructure in both capitals and determine which is better. Its offensive to say Nigeria is described as the largest economy in Africa, NO, Nigeria is the biggest economy. While we have our challenges in Nigeria, many are not peculiar to us alone. The complains in Nigeria is about the many things that shd be in place but which are missing especially because of the available resources. Give and or take it, life is far better in Nigeria than in many places in the world, so long as you're not lazy and content with your commensurate status.

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10-01 17:43
Nigerians are happy people
10-03 14:30