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Nigeria@59: ‘No progress, people are suffering’ – Nigerian traders in Ghana lament

Comment: A response to the Zagalaro so called

2019-10-02 05:28:48
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Re: Nigeria@59: ‘There’s been no progress, people

Why are you mentioning Ashantis. Ghanaians are not overpopulated to over 200 million wanting to overpopulate any country and exporting hideous crimes including killing s in various ways in that country. You useless animal so called Zagaloro. Ghana does not need nigerians to come here and outnumber our population and turn ghana into their so called nigerian 37th evil state of ritual killers and i have being wondering why they still here human beings in nigeria but they do not want to trade there fir their own people to buy their items and make their living there whilst ghanaians sell their own goods in ghana. Their motive to influx into ghana where the government is ignoring proper scrutiny is extremely questionable. The siyuation Ghana is in majes it look as if there is no government in ghana at all. This is serious and its a shame as well!!.

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10-01 17:43
A response to the Zagalaro so called
10-02 05:28