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GRA reacts to rent scandal; says it’s value for money

Comment: blaming education?

Kanga Angry Adjei
2019-09-05 11:30:07
Comment to:

Go probe her background and find how she got to this position... do not blame education... Your education makes you think the way you do? I think no! I think your moral conviction makes you act the way you do even in the process of educating yourself! You have people just cheating everywhere and lying without shame and you think it is the education? Even the church is doing nothing to them! They are just plain robbers who have found a worthy business in politics because our electorate are so very very cheap to be bought... and they keep dubiously buying everything, including government positions and educational certificates.

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09-03 17:22
blaming education?
Kanga Angry Adjei
09-05 11:30