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Arming police not needed, focus on reforming service – Security Analyst

Comment: Police and Crime

2019-09-03 07:10:31
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Arming police not needed, focus on reforming servi

Sorry there a lot of typographical errors in the coments I just posted. I realized the last bit didn't make sense at all. It should have been ....Nigerians have expressed Ghanaians are cowards. I don't mean to pick on them but that is the impression they have about Ghanaians. You can't blame them for saying that; everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. In the 1980s, one of the most powerful man on the planet was reported describing Ghanaians as "14 millions cowards and their bastard leader" . I think that is the reason some perceive Ghanaians as cowards. Having said that some Nigerians have expressed there is law and order in Ghana making it a nice place to live.

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Police and Crime
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