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Arming police not needed, focus on reforming service – Security Analyst

Comment: Police and Crime

2019-09-03 06:38:38
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Arming police not needed, focus on reforming servi

Generally crime rate in Ghana is low as compared to countries such as South Africa, US, Mexico or Brazil. Hence the service is a behind as compared to South Africa. At least 50 people are murdered every day in South Africa.The police also get attacked very frequently although they are very smart are armed. You know the tougher the situation becomes the tougher you become. We expect the police to be on top of the situation in relation to training and possession of firepower for self defense. I can recall during the reign of Mandela the police in South Africa asked for protection from the government. It was amazing. The reality was that most of the male adult population are armed including students. All my students in the High school had short guns or pistol. Literally everyone was armed. The girls encouraged me to get a gun for self defense. They expected me to be tough to be able to protect them and myself in case of any killer entered the school. They expressed that they were not safe and expected me to protect them. Some suggested I should take them to Ghana to study. Ghana is not too bad but the police must be on top since the safety and security of the country is in their hands. Nigerians describe Ghanaians. They have told me many times. I replied Ghanaians are diplomatic not cowards. They always insisted they are cowards.

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Police and Crime
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