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Arming police not needed, focus on reforming service – Security Analyst

Comment: Ghana security expert

2019-09-02 08:25:48
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Arming police not needed, focus on reforming servi

Every policeman on duty that I have seen across Canada, USA and Mexico is armed. It's part of the things they carry when they are in police uniform, though those firearms are only pistols. In spite of that, some police officers get shot all the time. So it is right for the police in Ghana to carry some arms, but not all of them should be seen carrying AK-47s. Also, on-duty police officers carrying guns have been found to be intoxicated in drinking bars, restaurants, and even tro-tro vehicles. Therefore, the police in Ghana need additional professional development training in the handling of firearms before they are allowed to carry guns. Thank you.

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Ghana security expert
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