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Exposé on NAM1, why government ‘desperately' wants him jailed

Comment: Yawn

2019-07-23 09:09:14
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Exposè on NAM1, why government ‘desperately' wa

Daily stupid comments so my daily -Stop this constant rubbish being held in prison awaiting trial does not stop you being paid . Having a small debt outstanding if really true facts (a peanut in comparison to millions he stole from so called Ponzi scheme investors) There is NO REAL MONEY . And the peanuts left will go to the big people .
Government advised menzgold to stop (or any of their connected entities) taking on new clients as they were not licenced but "continue" to pay existing their so called 10% month investment interest but MG could not as like all Ponzi schemes they rely on more gullible greedy ill informed people to give you more money so you could pay existing people as there were no gold investments paying 120% year - NO WHERE IN THE WORLD
MG also used the cash to prop up other businesses and buy /lease assets -pure and utter sick crooks
His so called "professional" lawyers could have had a mandate /power of attorney by now to repay everyone back from selling assets to clearing out bank accounts ...oh yea they do not want to as "no" real assets left or cash . .as stated lawyers can have power of attorney by signing a document in seconds so its all if Interpol alert is out he would be arrested at the departing airport/port then extradition process would be actioned.

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