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Exposé on NAM1, why government ‘desperately' wants him jailed

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Keane Asamoah
2019-07-23 06:15:25
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Exposè on NAM1, why government ‘desperately' wa

Rubbish can prove these claims in a court of law if subjected to strict proof. No one sues anyone in Ghana so people like this Taylor guy go around make useless ,defamatory scandalous and dangerous liability free claims and speeches and we call it expose and Ghanaians typically are happy. Let this happen in the U.S. and he won't get away with it. Let's go ahead and destroy our country because a. certain JDM wants to come back to power and is prepared to sacrifice everything including the peace of this beautiful country.

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07-23 01:26
Re: Exposè on NAM1, why government ‘desperately' w
Keane Asamoah
07-23 06:15