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You can be jailed for 2 years for denying your husbands sex - Police warn wives

Comment: Emotional and verbal abuse

Natalee Sutherland
2019-10-29 22:53:38
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You can be jailed for 2 years for denying your hus

I would to report my husband.. havnt seen him since we got married in may.. i live in jamaica n he left to boston... he has caused me so much hurt emotionally i thought of committing suicide once.. my birthday was the following month after getting married i got nothing from him more than disrespect.. he askef what i wanted then end the call in my ears.. he was to file for me instead he sent back the money i sent to do the papers.. said i never motivate him to do it.. he blocks me sometimes for all a week.. ive never gotten anything at all from him n i only asked twice once for 50 dollars for my birthday n the next 30 around four months after n both times i got the same answer n hes working..n the list goes on and on..

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07-21 09:00
Jersey bitch
10-09 14:19
Maxwell Gyabaa Kyeremeh , Wamfie
07-21 17:47
Emotional and verbal abuse
Natalee Sutherland
10-29 22:53